Or bathroom vanity. Thanks for this comparison! I recently found Rust-Oleum paints in my local store and was pleased to change old 70’s pine furniture in a spare bedroom to make it more up to date. I have been researching chalk paint for a few days now. They have it here in our Home Depot Your blog is my new fav!! We’re crazy Crafters of all kinds we have to be able to make sure that we’re not spending too much else we wouldn’t have the ability to play with our craft so easily. I need to add that to my list of projects. Good luck with your projects! I will say this though, the Rustoleum can also be tinted, so even though you only see a half dozen colours on the shelf there is a light tint base and dark tint base. I have used a chalk paint called Rethunk Junk and also used the Rustoleum Chalk paint. I’ve never tried the General Finishes chalk paint–might be one to try! I want to paint a sofa, but is waxing and sanding still necessary? Support local small business and get personalized attention with your project! I just need to topcoat it tomorrow. Behr chalked style paint can be purchased at Home Depot and is less than Rustoleum. i started with rustoleum but their colors are very “hardware store $1. I want to paint over them so that the panels are all black. What are your thoughts ?? . Thank you for the comparison. You apply a generous layer and don’t keep going over it. I didn’t even think of the Rustoleum! It also came off on the cloth. If you haven’t tried Kilz you may want to on your next project. A thought on Rust-o-leums limited colors. I love it. Apply over Chalked Ultra Matte Paint to make any piece last and Thank you for the comparison. Rust-Oleum ® Chalked Protective Topcoat is a clear coating that is applied over Chalked Ultra Matte Paint. The Data sheet for the Rustoleum lists VOCs at <750g/l. What do you recommend instead of the wax for protection? As I’ve already primed my piece, have one coat on and plan on 2 more. This was very educational. That would definitely limit my desire to buy more. You’ve sold me on the Rustoleum product though. Here we also have the top 10 rustoleum chalk paint just for you. I for one appreciate the comparisons that she shares with us on different products! The Top Coat must be applied over the Base Coat. Rustoleum website (in Australia, at least, where I am) states "16% of the mixture consists of ingredient(s) of unknown acute toxicity". I’m so happy you chose Rust-Oleum!! Thank you for showing the difference between two similar products,and also how to use when distressing furniture.I personally have only used rust oleum I painted cream bedroom furniture white looks really nice .Thank you for you tips. Hi Sarah, Glad the post was helpful Suzanne. Any pointers? With the Rustoleum top coat, you simply brush it on with a synthetic brush. It’s just all the necessary data needed come to a conclusion. AND THAT’S SO GOOD FOR ME AND THE PLANET TOO !! Thank you LittleVintageNest, for your honest comparison of the two brands. I was at Home Depot a few days ago and had seen the Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint and wondered if it worked very well. Superior adhesion to tough surfaces The Top Coat provides a clear, protective finish to your space in two different sheen options. Thank you! Thanks Kim! That works really well too! Good morning! I went thru the paces of getting AS and MH, but no one had it. I don’t think they have a dark wax option yet, but you could use either the clear or dark Annie Sloan wax over the Rust-Oleum chalk paint. I like Annie sloan paint, I use it in my workshop on a variety of projects. I recently started using the Rustoleum brand and was also surprised at how much I liked it. And it’s probably pretty likely there was linseed oil or something on the furniture at some point in time. anyways thts all! The only thing I have to add is that if you purchase the Rustoleum Chalk Paint at your local hardware store they can tint it to any color. I live in a small town and we do have a Michael’s. Thanks for the comparison. next up: tinting a quart of rustoleum linen white to some gorgeous color! As for our local AS stockist….they went out of business and the next closest is 45 minutes away. It stretches the paint so that it is more economical than given credit for. Remember that the paint dries quickly and so will the paint in the can (and wrap your brush in a baggie too if you need to stop for even 10 minutes). Thanks for the tip Mallory! problem is I think they used a poly sealer or something on the coat on the lamp – its not super shiny just a matte look but I can tell at the top base it seems coated. Anyone else agree? Chalk Paint Brands Rustoleum Chalked Rustoleum Chalk Paint Colours Rustoleum Paint Chalk Paint Wax Chalkboard Paint Milk Paint Chalk Paint Furniture Diy Furniture Product Not Found Rust-Oleum 30 oz. , I haven’t done anything else with that spray paint yet actually. The Top Coat provides a clear, protective finish to your space in two different sheen options. I really appreciated your comparison.Fixing to paint my first piece with rustoleom…Great article…. I’d be so grateful for any help you could give! Its been sold in Europe more than 20 years. I know in my heart it will look fantastic but ughhh to make that first stroke with the brush!!! I agreed all so that rust -oleum paint is great! I agree, I think it’s really a great option and you can’t beat the price. I know now what to do. Has anyone used the Rustoleum spray chalk paint? The only family photo we got all weekend + everyon, First Christmas in the new house!! Thanks for sharing this experiment! I have used both and for the most part, Rustoleum holds its own, despite it being about half the price. Spray chalk or brush on chalk paint ? The one other thing I have noticed when I compared painting with Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum is that Rust-Oleum seems to leave slightly more distinct brush marks. I can’t wait to use it again on something bigger. Perhaps that would happen with whatever paint we would use, but I am curious to know if chalk paint is good for exterior painting. I wanted to try AS…but when went to the paint store the gentleman suggested the Rustoleum…he said it was just as good if not better and more cost effective. The pieces I’ve painted with Annie Sloan had to cure a week between coats or it would pull up the other color. I have painted with both and personally prefer Rust-Oleum. Thanks for the tips. I applied both with a regular paint brush. hope you used Benjamin Moore Advance… The ONLY paint to use on furniture and kitchen cabinets.. goes on like silk and no brush or roller marks. I will try this. I’m afraid once dry, I noticed a bit that hadn’t taken, so I took the end and pulled and the whole lot peeled off perfectly in one piece. As far as bleed through from wood tannins, that will happen with any paint, if proper preparation is not done. Thank you so much for your post it was very helpful. Home depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Canadian Tire. There’s a reason the Rustoleum is cheaper. I actually got the exact color I wanted with out having to mix AS colors to achieve the desired result. Sounds like it didn’t hold up? I’ve been using Annie Sloan also and started using the Rust-oleum or B.B.Frosch because the price point is much better. Cheers, Cass. A top coat is a sealant, it will seal and protect your chalk paint from being ruined by moisture or sticky fingers or even weather. Have you tried using a good flat paint like Benjamin Moore and waxing over it?Would that be easier or harder? OMG I haven’t tried making my own, but I totally want to! If only Rust Oleum had the choice of colours that AS has. Hi You did an excellent job of comparing the two products. I find the chalk powder offers as smooth of a finish as rustoleum, zillions of colors and much less hassle than AS paint. Check out my recipes here! Totally wipeable finish, very satiny smooth, and has held up well for a few years now. BTW, you did a good job on that table. I have been using Rustoleum chalk paint and love it! It holds up much better than wax in my opinion!! I just bought some Rust-Oleum ‘chalky – finish’ paint (I think the name is the clue) as I’d run out of Annie Sloan. Glad I found this and read the comments. I’m new at this so This was a great help. My 2nd choice would be Folk Art paint, it’s very reasonably priced, $7.99/16oz and very thick so it can be watered down and still give you great 2 coat coverage. I want to do a distressed look and have been watching a TON of videos on different paints and techniques. I have waxed the dresser but was wondering whether to try the clear coat on my bed . 3) distress by sanding edges. I read that theAnne Slain works so wondering about the Rust-o-leum? That was great that you used a side-by-side view. I painted it all with the white Rustoleum version you used in your article. Thank you. Why can’t you use ordinary furniture or floor wax, Thank you for your comparison and review of the chalk paint. BUT! My go-to is Anne Sloan but I’m running low on Old White and due to the quarantine I was looking online for more easily accessible products when I found the Rust-oleum. But my thoughts on wax: a lot of work! Thank you for the wonderfully detailed post!! Extremely helpful go me. If you do not wish to accept cookies from this website, you can choose to not allow cookies from this website by updating your browser preferences. I think I’ll stay away from Annie Sloan. About to do my first chalk paint project and this blog is exactly what I needed – thank you so much! Hiya friends! I haven’t painted kitchen cabinets yet, so I can’t really say for sure Tanya. Thanks for the tips. Have you tried making your own? I just recently bought an entertainment center that I’m planning on painting with chalk paint! I’m so glad to see the comparison! I am getting ready to “do” my first piece and a friend has recommended the Rustoleum paint. I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing matt finish, (especially love the cocoa, which is a light tape colour! Do you have any suggestions regarding black? I have a wood look dining table outside. I am getting ready to redo mine. And you’re right about adding water–I’ve done with the AS in the past and it does help, but I haven’t tried it yet with the Rust-Oleum version! I’m going to paid a heinous oak crib and a chipped up Jenny Lind bed and I just can’t afford the AS. Thank you very much for this comparison! And I actually prefer it. Redid my old family heirloom French Provincial desk with mirror and tall chest this week with the light gray color Rustoleum Chalked paint. i painted my 1960s laminated dressing table with Rustoleum chalk paint. However, if I had to pick just one I’d go with the, Both brands also offer a protective top coat or wax, which is supposed to seal the paint and help protect against damage. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing! Again I’m not guaranteeing it would work but it was a thought and could be worth a shot. Problem came when the new mattress didn’t fit! Agree…I used Rustoleum…it’s a lot thinner than AS! I would like to use chalk paint then seal with an outdoor water sealant. This post was very helpful and I agree I like the rust oleum brand. Hope u may enjoy as well, perhaps rustoleum spray on chalk paint vs canned chalk paint like Charcol mite be an i teresting experiment also. So cost aside, which is a better paint finish. I’m pretty sure Rustoleum makes a tintable Chalked now! Win-win! Luckily, most people who try Rustoleum complain about it, and end up coming back to me for AS. It covers well, is very durable, dosnt smell either. I’ve never painted cabinets like that before, so I can’t say for sure if you should clean/prep them with anything else. Thanks for this. Good comparison information – thanks! Linen White by Rustoleum is a very light gray or a grayish white. It is very helpful when trying to make a decision and some of this stuff is quite pricey. There ARE chemical limitations in the color spectrum, but if you find a good consultant, he or she should be able to color that product to suit you! I chose this one because of its dark finish and the fact that there’s some damage on the top. I painted a project without adding the water and it was so challenging to work with due to it being so thick. Working AS paint too much will result in the flashing or ‘caking’ you experienced. I’ve never tried either, but will be trying the Rust-Oleum soon! Great blog! Now I’m totally confident and excited to try it! If you go to Lowe’s near the spray paint rustoleum chalkpaint 30 oz buckets next to linen white and charlcol & aged gray they will Also most likely offer a “dark tint base” & “light tint base” which u can take to the paint counter to choose a color from the broaderspe from pallets. Does it matter the brand of wax. I haven’t tried it myself but I used to make soap. We are getting ready to do our kitchen cabinets and this helped us decide. Both had very similar coverage and went on fairly streaky for this first coat, as you can see. The finished items looked professional. I did find that the Rustoleum usually requires more coats of paint then AS or even my own DIY Chalk paint. Any of those colors can be mixed! My new favourite. Thank you for your review! Do not like the Valspar Chalk Finish! Hi Sarah! After the suggested 21 days for the wax and paint to cure, AS won’t peal or chip ever. The ones with glass doors? Sooo much quicker and easier than wax (and you can just use a regular paintbrush). I too have used both as well as another couple on the market chalk paints. It is super helpful. Useful! I also painted some big bookcases with Fusion and they turned out quite well. I can do it, I know I can, I think. I called them and was told the spray product was not to be used on a water base product, BUT it states it on the can that is what I Was to use I was considering using Annie Sloan for my next project, but it sounds very similar to the Valspar. Adore Annie Sloan paint- but want to try a lower priced (but still good quality) product- great comparison! Hi Sarah , very interesting post, I am a Rustoleum fan through and through. No nicks, scratches, or wearing. Plz help. Loving this new two tone trend you’ve got going on Sarah! Will either be all purpose? Do I need to strip the heavy cream paint off the center base or can I just sand it lightly and then apply the Rust-Oleum ? Rust-Oleum Chalked Protective Topcoat is a clear coating that is applied over Chalked Ultra Matte Paint. Good luck Jessica! I am excited to try it. i decided the amazing colors of AS were worth more than twice the money. They were previously used for candle sales and definitely need to be refinished so I can display my collectibles. I usually go to Michaels or Walmart for my paint but I am constantly looking at Annie Sloan’s ambassadors for tips. However, I have never used chalk paint. I have signed on to become a tester, cant wait. I had to check it out…they had a color I liked (which made my decision very easy) and the price can’t be beat-seriously!! LOL But I thank you Sarah for making this comparison between these 2 paints. I’m thinking about painting dressers with the Rustoleum. We completed this wainscot wall a couple of years ago, but I think the wall needs updating. I love that look. I loved it also. If you want the same color hue add white. Just go here and click the "My Home" tab to shop! I’ve even used chalk paint from ACMoore & Michaels craft store and waxed it with Annie Sloan wax. I am redoing a dining table and due to people pulling the chairs in and out, banging against the rest of the table, do you think I should apply wax or topcoat over the paint? I have a dining room table that needs repainting in white after my 3 year old daughter took a rubber ink stamp to the legs and one chair. I was just sitting here trying to decide between Annie Sloan and Amy Howard chalk paint. Love the little table, btw. Loved the completed project. I have found with any wax finish the longer it is “cured” the more durable it becomes. I want to paint a varnished fireplace without sanding and the marble hearth – in your opinion is this likely to work? I do have a question, what about yellowing? I was really surprised too Nikki, but it was cool to see how they perform side-by-side at the same time. My husband and I hired a painter to paint our cabinets white that were originally stained. AND IF you’re not doing a light sand between coats you’re really NOT going To get a smooth finish. I used to work at a boutique where the owner taught classes about using AS paint. Project will go ahead with Rustoleum and confidence. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve seen this done on bathroom light fixtures for example. What a helpful excellent overview! I have used both and for me there is no comparison……..Rustloleum is STREETS ahead of AS. hi sarah, This brand was used because it was the easiest to pick up locally. Made my own chalk paint & it worked beautifully!! I came across you comparison and really appreciate the information you provide. As you say yourself it’s I thought and done or else it’s not done at all. It dries to an ultra-matte finish in around 30 minutes and should cover any surface in … I’ve also used clear and dark paste wax as finish with the Rustoleum chalked paint with great success. I think from your post, it appears the Rustoleum dries to a smoother, more even finish – which is great ! I ‘m thing on using the Rustoleum spray chalk paint . Really useful test. It has really helped to answer my questions as I’m a novice at this. I’ve also have used both , but never sure which was better. Hi Deanna! A fair comparison can only be achieved if you follow instructions and correct techniques for the application. The thing that is been forgot is the technique used to paint with chalk paint especially with Annie Sloan. Thanks for doing this comparison. Have been looking into Could you antique it with AS dark wax? Coverage: The second coat of milk paint finish gave light coverage compared to the chalk paint, which was even more full-coverage with the second coat. I live in Australia, and I use Rustoleum paint. A couple of years ago I purchased a set of Aromatique hutches made from white ash wood that were white washed. Is this a fact with fabric as well? In a sense your “comparison” is a little like comparing oil based paint to latex. I also painted a wood dresser with Rustoleum spray chalk paint. I think you could get away with, The only real limitation I see with the Rust-Oleum paint is that you don’t have a large color selection. That you for this comparison! What are you favorite brushes? One coat of Chalk paint! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please be as specific as possible. Their Flat High-Performance Top Coat is a clear, flat, water-based topcoat and excels at making chalk painted or milk painted projects much more durable. I’ve used both brands and though I think Annie Sloan gives better coverage it’s way too expensive. Top tip: Good luck on your project! No I actually haven’t tried that yet Kelley–maybe that will be my next review! Thanks for sharing! I have used a clear polycrylic over the top of AS paint and it worked PERFECTLY. Now I have to sand off the finish and repaint. I love using Chalk Paint to paint furniture, and just about anything. Its a great product with a high chalk content.Yes you can water it down if needed, it can be mixed with another colour too. It was a cost thing for me. I just painted old TV cabinet with Rust-Oleum. I have some General Finishes Chalk Paint right now and I’m getting ready to paint some bar stools with it, so we’ll see how that goes. I have all white furniture and all are used with chalk paint. You also seem very open to sharing which is what I need! My question is what should I use for a protective finish? Okay, I was on a big box store’s website today and saw the Rustoleum advertised and I wondered… This was a very helpful post! The Rust-Oleum chalk paint retails for $17.83 for 30 oz and can be purchased on Amazon, as well as many home improvement stores. LOLOLOL I will keep you posted after this coming weekend when I plan to just go ahead and do it!!! Does the Rust-Oleum require a wax coating like the Annie Sloan?