In this world of craziness, you might be a little off your rocker to study Catholicism and even sillier if you choose to become a Catholic (GASP!). As a result, for centuries Anglicanism shared many of Catholicism’s traditions while its doctrines on the Eucharist, priesthood, or confession were closer to those of Rome than those of Protestant churches. After 20 years in the Anglican Church, he believes moving to Catholicism is not a rejection of evangelicalism but instead taking his existing "Anglicanism deeper and thicker." You leaving to Anglicanism would mean to break communion with the Church of your childhood again after hardly any time since you returned. Conservatives blame Vatican II, liberal priests and nuns, a … Anglicanism, one of the major branches of the 16th-century Protestant Reformation and a form of Christianity that includes features of both Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.Anglicanism is loosely organized in the Anglican Communion, a worldwide family of religious bodies that represents the offspring of the Church of England and recognizes the archbishop of Canterbury as its nominal head. I went from the RCC to the Anglicans. It will be quite familiar to you. The Catholic Church has a new pope, but for the first time in my life, he won't be mine. Until his recent conversion, Coren was one of Canada's best known Catholics. I currently consider myself an Anglo-Catholic. Here are some of the main reasons that Catholics have become Former Catholics: 1. Top Reasons Catholics are Leaving the Catholic Church Whether it’s simply a lack of Mass attendance or suffering from serious clergy abuse, there are many reasons we have left the Church. When Pope Benedict XVI abruptly resigned last month , I made an enormous personal decision. Liberal Catholics will tell you that Catholics are leaving because they disagree with the church's teaching on birth control, women priests, divorce, the bishops' interference in American politics, etc. By contrast, Luther’s theological views on these matters represented a radical departure from Catholicism. 'I felt a hypocrite': Author Michael Coren on why he left the Catholic Church for Anglicanism. Let your introduction to the Church be through the liturgy. This, plus the next hundred years of arguments, persecutions, wrangling, and disputes shaped a reformed and yet still catholic Anglican church. It connected the different Anglican churches with a common liturgy. If you did take the plunge (in the waters of baptism as an infant or as an adult) and you are Catholic, maybe you should have read this … 26 Reasons You Should Leave the Catholic Church Immediately Read More » Rather than leaving behind the catholic faith and becoming only protestant, the Anglican reformation ended up reforming the existing catholic church in England. I know it sounds backwards, but I'd recommend leaving the research until after you've gotten a feel for the Church.