During the civil rights struggles in the 1960s, the burning of black churches became a common form of racial intimidation. Consequences. Glen Malia: Arson, there's a couple different levels of arson.You can have arson, for example, someone trying to just burn someone's car. Discuss why arson is considered a low priority crime.-It is considered a low priority crime because most of the time they are really complex.Also the consider rape, murder, narcotic deals, and robbery all high priority crimes because they are most commonly seen and are the most dangerous. In fact, legally the term “nonviolent” includes crimes most of us consider violent, for example; rape of an unconscious person, domestic violence, arson … Arson. It will be discussing the different types of violent crimes and property crimes that exist. It depends on state and Federal Laws. Arson I pursuant to Section 13A-7-41. Policy. This act of racial violence returned with renewed aggression in the 1990s with the burning of more than 66 black churches being burned in a period of 18 months. I've seen the devastating damage caused by fire. South Carolina law is very clear about which crimes are considered “violent,” and has listed them in full in South Carolina Code of Laws (16-1-60). Since arson is an intentional crime, any deaths from the resulting fire can be considered intentional murder, in which case an arsonist can face the death penalty in some states. Interviewer: What are some examples of violent crimes, homicide and arson? The differences between the two crimes and there impact on the United States. Though the act typically involves buildings, the term arson can also refer to the intentional burning of other things, such as motor vehicles, watercraft, or forests. Learn more about the elements, punishments and defenses for arson and about other crimes at FindLaw's Criminal Charges section. WHAT IS ARSON? Some crimes which are violent crimes include murder, rape, assault, battery, terrorism, arson, domestic violence, gang violence, and kidnapping. Home » Violent Crimes are Excluded by SB 66. Arson is almost always considered a felony due to its capacity to cause death and destruction. Short Description. Nicole Montgomery 1. With violent crimes, the penalties are usually based on the seriousness of the injuries to the victim. This entails both crimes in which the violent act is the objective, such as murder or rape, as well as crimes in which violence is used as a form coercion. Arson is a generic term used for the setting of a deliberate, malicious fire to damage property, generally that of another person (Dempsey, 1996; Bennett & Hess, 2001).With arson for fraud, however, the target is usually the property of the arsonist, who is seeking to gain an … Arson is defined at common law to be the "malicious burning of the dwelling of another". annual booking at the local police station, notify authorities if moving to a new area, etc.) Violent crimes, on the other hand, are considered offenses against a person. Arson is a broad category of crimes that includes destruction of property by fire, explosion or comparable method. Arson is considered a low priority crime because the crimes are so complex. Violent crimes in Oklahoma are listed in 57 O.S. They are also not considered to be violent crimes most of the time, but are considered property crimes. At Common Law, the malicious burning or exploding of the dwelling house of another, or the burning of a building within the curtilage, the immediate surrounding space, of the dwelling of another.. Modern legislation has extended the definition of arson to include the burning or exploding of commercial and public buildings—such as restaurants and schools—and structures—such as bridges. Related: List of violent crimes in Illinois. I attended several fire fighting schools while serving in the U.S. Navy and I participated in a good number of fire fighting efforts during my active duty years. We also discussed potential punishments for arson as well as those for less severe or related crimes such as reckless burning. Arsons are not often arrested because the investigation is too long, and very difficult for the investigators. Arson 1. violent crime and property crime. What Happens if You’re Convicted of a Violent Crime in Illinois? Church Arson Prevention Act of 1996 . Arson Charges Require an Aggressive New York City Defense Lawyer. Non-violent crimes are defined as a crime where no injury or force is used on another person.