We cannot accept photocopies or scans of these requirements. Download the Pedigree Papers Fact Sheet as a pdf for printing. When do pet owners get their puppy’s pedigree? It doesn't make your dog any worse, and it doesn't mean that it couldn'tbe purebred.. it just means that there is no way of verifying it. What we’re going to talk about is Kennel Club registered pedigree dogs. All changes are required to be made by the breeder, and a statutory declaration is required to be lodged with the affected pedigree. Puppies cannot be registered if they were not bred by a member of Dogs Victoria or state body equivalent, or after 18 months of age. If you have lost your pedigree, you can apply for a duplicate with the required form. A pedigree, which lists your dog’s family tree, is more often an unofficial document (although you can purchase certified pedigrees through the AKC, and the pedigree is part of the SV registration certificate). This is also a good reason to notify our office when you move. All Rights Reserved. The most commonly used in Australia is the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) The ANKC manages, supplies and administrates the standards for purebred dogs within Australia. Some pedigree breeds cost more than designer or cross bred dogs, some cost considerably less. A dog that is registered with an ANKC Ltd recognised organisation that caters for Working Sporting or Performance Dogs may be registered on the National Database Sporting Register. office@dogsvictoria.org.au, POSTAL ADDRESS A list … And of course, a dog will make sure you get out and take walks every day. As an original statutory declaration is required on the rear of this form so this cannot be sent in via email or fax. To transfer a dog from the Limited to Main register, we need written authorisation from the breeder of the dog. From £35 per puppy. Dogs Victoria can only help if you have the following: Please note, Dogs Victoria & Greyhound Racing Victoria are the ONLY recognised applicable organisations in Victoria for dogs and only pedigrees from these two associations are accepted by council. Please refer to the scale of charges for the required cost to do so. The Associate Register is open to any dog that doesn’t hold a pedigree – purebred or crossbred. As per ANKC regulations, the original certificate or a certified copy of the original certificate of the mandatory testing must be submitted to the member body prior to or at the same time as progeny being registered. Pedigree Papers A certified copy of the dog’s registration, issued by the recognised body, must be provided, which indicates the member as the registered owner, with a residential address in the state of the ANKC Ltd Member Body to whom the application is being submitted. Dogs on this pedigree are not eligible for breeding, export or conformation shows, however the dog can compete in performance related disciplines. To allow transfer of ownership we require the original pedigree to be lodged in our office together with the required payment. Once logged in, select the “Pedigree Lookup” option at top and enter the details that you want to search. This does not mean that mixed dogs are worse or 'unwanted'. The MDBA has become increasingly concerned about the general health of dogs … Cranbourne 3977, OFFICE HOURS Purebred dog papers should also include a pedigree, which is a family tree for your dog. We say that a dog has pedigree when you have a document that certifies their lineage, breeding and ancestors, so that the dog conforms to the standard or characteristics of its breed. If members wish to send via email we ask that they are sent to office@dogsvictoria.org.au address and not any individual staff member’s email, especially if you wish to add priority.