These vitamins help the body’s immune system by reducing inflammation that can contribute to chronic illness such as cancer and heart disease. They are called root vegetables because Beets are a distinctive reddish-purple color, and they are one of the healthiest roots. Look at the chart below to find out how much you need. Peel root vegetables and slice them thinly (a mandoline works perfectly for this, but a sharp knife and steady hand works just fine). Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Shallow Rooting(12 to 18 Inches)Medium Rooting(18 to 24 Inches)Deep Rooting(24 to 36+ Inches)ArugulaBeans (fava)ArtichokesBasilBeans (pole)AsparagusBlueberriesBeans (snap)Beans (lima)Bok choyBeetsBurdock root (gobo)BroccoliCantaloupesCardoonBrussels sproutsCarrotsOkraCabbageChardParsnipsCauliflowerCucumbersPumpkinsCeleriacDaikonRhubarbCeleryEggplantSquash (winter)ChivesMuskmelonsSweet potatoesCilantroPeas (shelling)TomatoesCollard greensPeas (snap)WatermelonsCornPeas (snow) EndivePeppers (hot) FennelPeppers (sweet) GarlicRosemary GingerRutabagas Jerusalem artichokesSage KaleSquash (summer) Kohlrabi Turnips Leeks  Lemongrass  Lettuce  Mint  Mustard greens  Onions  Oregano  Parsley  Potatoes  Radishes (spring)  Radishes (summer)  Radishes (winter)  Scallions  Shallots  Spinach  Strawberries  Tarragon  Thyme  Turmeric  Download printable chart. Many root vegetables are known for their concentrations of vitamin C, B and A as well as their level of health-promoting antioxidants. Here are 10 root vegetables with lots of culinary uses. Root Vegetables 2 Chart: Spectrum Chart - 436 : Root Vegetables 2. While we usually think of roots as growing downward, it’s important to remember that roots grow laterally as well, and to account for that in our garden beds and containers. Root depth can help determine the best height for raised garden beds. MSFPhover = // --> . vegetables in a conventional pre-heated oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Root Vegetables Week 1: Up, Down, and Around 1) Show the class a couple of pictures of root vegeta‐ bles (for example: carrots and beets). putting names to pesky plants, Rooftop Organic Vegetable Garden – Awesome Urban …, ഒരു രൂപ ചിലവില്ലാതെ വളമായും ഉപയോഗിക്കാവുന്ന കീടനാശിനി  …, extend your vegetable garden season, with niki jabbour, watering the garden (not the plants), a 101 with daryl beyers, 7 Expert Tips to Growing Cucumbers at Home, 3 Ways to Plant Onions! Some root vegetables will keep for months if stored properly. Although botany distinguishes true roots (such as taproots and tuberous roots) from non-roots (such as bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers, although some contain both hypocotyl and taproot tissue), the term "root vegetable" is applied to all these types in agricultural and culinary usage. Most plants will grow within the space you allow them. Root vegetables are underground plant parts eaten by humans as food. This article provides a list of healthy root vegetables alongside their picture, key nutrients, and nutritional benefits.