Use a pencil to mark this spot where the brim meets the palm leaf. Allow the hat to dry and inspect the results; if necessary, repeat Steps 1 through 3 until you get the desired shape. Palm leaf hats as shown in the picture are nearly indestructible, but the paint on hats such as the Brad can separate if you curl too hard, so be gentle. Guatamalan palm leaf hat. Black Diamond design hand-woven into straw. it depends on what your hat is made of, if it is a wool felt or beaver mix hat then it can be fairly straight forward but if it is a shantung or palm leaf it can take a little more work. We did that very quickly. Mexican Gambler Palm Leaf Straw Vented Sun Hat, Alamo Sombrero Cowboy. SunBody Hats are re-shapable! Hold the hat by the edge of the brim with both hands. Sewn-braid palm leaf hats are about the toughest hats you'll find. Our goal from the beginning was to make the undisputed, best palm leaf hat available. He shapes these cowboy hats here at the store with a steamer, and you can shape yours with just a bucket of water at home – watch how! $39.31 $ 39. Guatemalan Standard Palms 7 strands of braid/inch. “Palm leaf hats and cowboys are what brung us to the dance. If a large area needs to be reworked, steam and reshape your hat in small increments. Straw and Palm leaf hats are exceptionally popular, choose from many different styles to suit you and your day! Many synthetic materials, such as nylon, acrylic and polyester, also respond well to steaming. When they dry they will return to the soft, pliable hat that you started with. One of the most popular hats. Dunking the hat in water is… a wool felt or beaver hat you can take to the shower, literally! Cut the palm leaves so that they are 3 feet long. Pinto Palm Leaf Straw. Aug 6, 2015 - Need some shade at the rodeo or playing after work? Atwood Hats goal from the beginning was to make undisputedly, the best So don't ever crunch the fabric of the hat. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts ... You could stuff it at the bottom of the suitcase for a month and then just take it out, wet it down and reshape it. Our Western guy Marty can show you how to shape a palm leaf hat today in a Gus, Brick Top, & Buckaroo style. In this step-by-step instructable, I have tried my level best to explain how to make the coconut palm hat from scratch. A palm leaf cowboy hat should fit perfectly on one's head so that wearing it can be comfortable and stylish. This palm hat is left unshaped or open crown for you to shape yourself. Five Different Palm Leaf Straw Hat Qualities. Pressed in hot molds, hard to reshape the crown. Wear them in the sun or rain, you can step on them and get them muddy – just wash them clean, wet them and reshape them as often as you like! Please read on. 95. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Guatemalan Economy Palms 5 strands of braid/inch. Do this quickly, constantly moving the hat until the entire crown is soft, which should take 20 to 30 seconds. If you are buying a GUATEMALAN hat, we recommend buying a hat that is just a little bit loose to allow for this shrinkage. …Wide Brim Guatemalan Palm Leaf Straw Hat is like no other.Palm leaf is renowned for its great UPF 50+ sun protection rating as well as its incredible malleability - dunk the hat in water to reshape to your liking and the hat will maintain that shape after drying. The guy told me it had serious UV ray-stopping capabilities and, if true, that's another bonus. Arrives before Christmas. from a pot of boiling water) and reshaping it. A hat may lose its shape over time, requiring a stiffening procedure to bring it back to life. The … Warning According to, if your straw hat loses its shape, "try holding it over steam (i.e. The longer a hat remains in a limp position, the … 4.8 out of 5 stars 15. I usually have to reshape the brim from being too upward bent but this is perfect exactly ... not to fond of the shape but that's fixable. How to shape your Sunbody Hat. Dunking the hat in water is also a… Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Rising Phoenix Industries Wide Brim Mexican Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat, Large Sun Hat with Chin Strap for Men or Women.