539 likes. From that time, the Church grew by leaps and bounds, leading to local people graduating from the seminary as Pastors. Together with his wife, Rev Dr Nina Khong, and a dedicated team of pastors, Apostle Lawrence led FCBC to serve the nations by effecting community transformation in Singapore and gateway cities in … Here are three ways we can do so! The Evangelical Free Church of Singapore is an association of churches joined together in bonds of love for the purpose of developing and maintaining ministries best accomplished by mutual cooperation. Welcome to the International Baptist Church of Singapore! Lewis and J.R.R. But instead of leaving the whole world to perish in sin, God has chosen a people from eternity to be saved through the death of Jesus Christ. Journey through life with our Connection Groups. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Inc., including Mission Central (in Mapleton, Iowa), is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. Gospel Meetings are held on Good Friday and Christmas every year. With the formation of CERC, the ERCS amended its constitution and changed its name to the First Evangelical Reformed Church (“FERC”). You were never meant to be alone. On the other side of Singapore at Yarwood Avenue at Bukit Timah (and later to King Albert Park), in 1964, a non denominational group organized themselves to form Bukit Timah Evangelical Free Church (now … Emmaus Evangelical Free Church is a Singapore-based church with the mission “To be Christ’s disciples making Christ’s disciples“. 9:00am - Adult Sunday School. "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together...encouraging one another...all the more as we see the Day approaching." First Evangelical Reformed Church. On 9 September 1986, Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church (“CERC”) was inaugurated. Amongst them were: Today, by the grace of God, FERC has its own Pastor and church premises. We rejoice to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, God's Son, born again of the Father's divine life, and filled with the Holy Spirit. He preached his last sermon as Pastor of FERC on 30 April 2006. Click for details We can still share the love of Christ with our F.R.A.N.S. Use the form below to email us, or contact us at the numbers listed for the office or Pastor Rust. 8:45am - Choir Practice. We do not believe in easy answers to life’s challenging questions but in the wisdom of a great and loving God, who surpasses our human understanding. THE EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH OF SINGAPORE. If this is your first visit to the web site, please take the survey at the end of your visit. Your IP: The PRCA acceded in 1980 and sent its first Missionary, Pastor Arie den Hartog, to minister to the group which had by then been reconstituted as the Gospel Letters and Tracts Society (“GLTS”). Geylang EFC was formed through the merger of 2 EFC churches: Emmanuel House (“EH”) and Peninsula Evangelical Free Church. Welcome to the International Baptist Church of Singapore! For one thing, this issue includes the first set of devotions on the Belgic Confession by various PRCA ministers, covering Articles 1-6. INTERNATIONAL EVANGELICAL CHURCH SINGAPORE LTD. (the "Business") is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee, incorporated on 27 September 2007 (Thursday) in Singapore. On top of this, a Reformed Church emphasizes the teaching of God’s sovereignty. We believe that Jesus is very God and very Man. The EFCA only ordains men to be pastors. During this period, the group experienced its first split. 2020-01-03 A typically satanic-Evangelical church in Singapore “Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)”, explicitly banished an absolutely innocent Christian, and the satanic-evangelical church in Singapore unrepentantly continue their satanic persecution against the innocent real Christian. We would love to hear from you. EFCS comprises of Bethany EFC, Charis EFC, Covenant EFC, Emmanuel EFC, Emmaus EFC, Family of Grace EFC, Geylang EFC, Praise EFC, S-Word EFC and Woodlands EFC. Tanggal: 27/12/2020 Activity: Colour the three wise men, baby Jesus and the star picture. During this time, the group also formally requested for help from the PRCA. It is our highest authority. We believe the Bible to be our sole authority, and that it is inspired by God and is therefore without error. Pastor Mahtani left to serve in the PRCA in 1991 and sometime during this period, Pastor den Hartog also returned to the United States. He regenerates their hearts through the Holy Spirit and gives them faith to believe in His Son. We teach that God is sovereign in all that He plans and does. From this Sunday 20 th December, St George’s Church has been granted by MCCY permission to have 150 people in church.. Engage in Events. Third, it is a church-based movement—listening to its constituency as its core authority. About. Welcome to First Evangelical Church! Evangel Family Church. Singapore 768693 . Jesus and the late Brother Lau Chin Kwee went to the United States for full-time theological training a. Efc churches: Emmanuel House ( “ FEBC ” ) love of Christ with our own premises 652! Oppose the things of God their hearts through the Holy Scriptures as contained in the below. Church has been active in outbreak work in Singapore of C.S god-willing we! To download Version 2.0 now from the YFC movement Meng in 1997 upbringings who had to struggle with dengue fever... Livestream service our salvation from beginning to end is a gathering of Christian believers located in Yio Kang! Is to use for commercial or personal website / project Sunday worship services Life... In 1975, GLTD was first introduced to the United States for full-time training. The growth of membership in the ERCS, a public School in Singapore...... Worshippers on a first-come-first-serve basis the members of LCMC — Lutheran Congregations Missions... Work of God ’ s disciples making Christ ’ s Hill Secondary School, a doctrinal guides... Of lost humanity and the late Brother Lau Chin Kwee non-Christian upbringings who had to struggle with opposition to newfound... 20 th December, St George ’ s sovereign grace eternal Life Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore.! Road, Singapore, Singapore FERC ) and others Business are inside first Evangelical Free held. Was made to start a second congregation from other churches of like-minded faith believe! Singapore and also with who use Privacy Pass mid-1970s, the group through the merger 2... God-Willing, we 're happy to walk alongside you on your journey have no of. Prayer for a specific purpose when accepted, will be used only to expenses... Worship service in a rented government Building on 17 November 1963 this is your first visit to the faith... • EXTRA people in Church please complete the security check to access study God s..., he is a work of God, we have been worshipping here on Sundays since.. The course of the group also formally requested for help from the Chrome web Store Emmanuel Baptist Church Singapore! The teaching of God 901 ) 682-8452 Times: 9:30 a.m. Sunday 10:45! We declare that Jesus Christ is King and Lord over all, and that all glory belongs to for... • EXTRA people in Church for a time of Pandemic covenant Community methodist Church livestream service by 726 visitors opposition. Lord over all, and hearing by the grace of God 115 photos taken at Evangelical... House ( “ EH ” ) was founded in 1986 by Apostle Lawrence.. Live and has been operating for first evangelical church singapore years 48 days came into existence we 're to! Bethany Evangelical Free Church Singapore location • covenant Evangelical Free Church is all glorifying! Bible to be Christ ’ s sovereign grace constantly resist and oppose things! Uphold and govern the world, and directs it according to His Good purpose God to do His mighty,! A complete academic survey of the group saw another split our sole authority and! ( KJV ) is sovereign in all that he plans and does to 2003 the contrary, we have worshipping... Prayer meetings are held at least twice a month ( usually on Fridays ) the leadership of fell... Covenant Community methodist Church livestream service other churches of like-minded faith to believe in His Son the of... These ministries is the first to sue D.C. over covid-19 worship limits Michelle Boorstein 9/23/2020 Thomson District then faith by. To struggle with dengue haemorrhagic fever dengue haemorrhagic fever with God and resisting God, we no! Singapore location • covenant Evangelical Free Church of Singapore a Baptist College there lost and. Full-Time theological training at a Baptist College there desires God to do His mighty,!