Could be wrong. After reading about chisels for days and days I have ordered a Veritas PM V11 chisel. Veritas in Canada too. 71 router plane will work in any housing you can dream up. I don’t really think I so much am “damning the lot”; lets get the standards back, reestablish pre-war workmanship quality. First things first – it took 2 seconds to hone to a razor edge. Free shipping on selected items. That’s how to get better really fast. Yes, sets look nice and uniform, and I have several chisel sets, but you never really see the old school furniture makers with a shiny set of matching chisels. All the best. Where they are made I am not certain. 2 ANTIQUE WITHERBY CHISELS - GOOD USERS. And vice versa. You see their chisel racks filled with random antique chisels, and their furniture doesn’t show a difference! Paul – you need to try a couple of these. I’m afraid also, some are being made in Asia anyway, Spear and Jackson saws and Record Irwin’s chisels. Start off with at least four bench chisels: 1/4″, 1/2″ (or 5/8″), 3/4″, and 1″ (or 1-1/4″). Any product claim about a service or product should be verified with the manufacturer. I am just getting into wood working, so this was very good to read. Lost your password? This is in no way some kind of moral high ground. 1/8-inch Stanley 750 wood chisels are rare and somewhat expensive, so get another brand if you can’t afford a Stanley 750 version. Not so much the simple tanged ones. I probably wouldn’t because they don’t need my endorsement at all. Some of these recommendations have come from Wood And Shop readers like you (I couldn’t possibly find or try out all the chisel brands). I would like to know more about your marples chisels that you like. I am even considering taking the edges to 12mm (0.35 mm off each side) to get a metric size anyway. As far as looks go both companies produce good looking tools and as far as functionality goes they are pretty much at a parallel level. Witherby, with gouges and drawing knives added to the production of chisels. They cost £8 per set of four. Thanks for the information Josh. Affordable too. If you decide to purchase Stanley 750 bevel-edge bench chisels, you can easily piece together different sizes (with handles) on eBay like I did. Sadly, older English chisels are overlooked in this country, except by those who know how good they are. They are hand made by craftsmen and don’t cost the earth. They are just O1 or A2 steel forge welded to soft steel. Sign up to receive a weekly digest of posts from Paul's blog, Hi Paul and team, I just want to say thank you and Happy New Year. Please keep commenting. You will receive mail with link to set new password. Well i did ok…. Encourage them in that direction. Hi Cathy, you’re right, just buy a few tools and start building something, and don’t worry if it looks terrible! Seperate components from different sources can mate up very nicely to produce excellent tools. T-shirt: the Disston Saw Medallion Visit our sister site, Common Woodworking, to follow along with Paul's beginner projects and techniques to build your skill. Nice list of Anglosaxon (!) Well you're in luck, because here they come. I’m forced to work bevel down, but the control isn’t as good as having the flat on the work. Alabama in the good ole US of A. Thomas made edge tools from ca. Good piece of research though. At the time to me it was a lot of money even though $15 each is not huge but they all hold an excellent edge and I am using them still at the age of 42. I am also finding the whole chisel quite light. It took hours of hitting and paring and was only then just beginning to fade. The weld line creates an even harder area.I would either buy the Narex or some nice Ashley Iles.The best chisels are the ones that fit your hands well and that you can keep sharp. Maybe a 3/8″ (and someday it will be useful in a common dado or groove width. I really love my classic 1/2″ Witherby paring woodworking chisel. Wood chisels have to be attached to their handles so you can work with them. Rob. Steps 1-5 | Beginner’s Guide to Hand Tool Woodworking, STEP 1: UNDERSTAND & BUY THE RIGHT WOODWORKING HAND TOOLS, STEP 2: SETUP YOUR WOODWORKING WORKSHOP & TOOL STORAGE, STEP 3: LEARN HOW TO REFURBISH, TUNE, & SHARPEN HAND TOOLS, STEP 4: LEARN HOW TO USE WOODWORKING HAND TOOLS, STEP 5: LEARN HOW TO DESIGN WOODWORKING PROJECTS, Steps 6-10 | Beginner’s Guide to Hand Tool Woodworking, STEP 6: LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE STABLE, STRONG, & BEAUTIFUL WOOD, STEP 7: LEARN TO PREPARE WOOD: SQUARE, FLAT, STRAIGHT, & SMOOTH, STEP 8: JOINERY: LEARN HOW TO LAYOUT & CUT JOINTS, STEP 9: LEARN HOW TO ASSEMBLE, FASTEN, & GLUE-UP WOODWORKING PROJECTS, STEP 10: LEARN HOW TO TRADITIONALLY FINISH WOODWORKING PROJECTS, WOOD CHISELS (Hand Tool Woodworking Buying Guide #5), Main Types of Wood Chisels: Bench Chisels, Mortise Chisels, & Paring Chisels. If you want to refine them they will take it. As long as there is a dominant society of throw away culture in countries which are fortunate to have had the tools in the past they can be found if we look hard enough I think. Another chisel accessory that I’ve found very convenient is a magnetic tool holder. If you don’t kind a non-set set you can buy individual ones and make a set for under £50 that will last you a lifetime no mater how old you are or how much you use them. Since Ace is a franchised company , they don’t all carry these. flag. I got a set of Stanley Bailey chisels in the leather tool wrap and the cost and the quality were perfect. You are bidding on ONE Witherby 2 Inch Socket Firmer Chisel. Set of 9 T.H. Many people i ask have never heard of them, but i found some random pieces at a local Ace hardware in Northern California. Get his weekly digest delivered straight to your inbox. A good set of chisels is an absolute must for both amateur and professional woodworkers. … T.H. hi could you tell what year the stanley chisels are with the black plastic handles with yellow ring? Since I was a young boy I always been fascinated and loved the ways of wood working. IN 1827, in Millbury, Massachusetts, T. H. Witherby started manufac­ turing the fine steel 'chisels that today still bear his name. I try to not spread bad press on other companies. The handles are beech, and brass ferrules guard against splitting - as these are tanged bevelled edge chisels. I have also used the chisel for paring and the lack of any side profile at all makes the chisels cut edges when you do not want it to. Thank you for your thoughts and this blog post. Here are my chisel racks with a lot of mixed and matched antique chisels: I have purchased many antique chisels, and the quality of steel is almost always superior to what comes in modern chisels. The problem is that they are only offered in the UK and Europe about twice a year. Socket chisels sit on top of the handle’s cone and can take a severe beating, whereas Tang chisels sit inside a handle’s mortise and can split the wood handle if repeatedly struck hard enough with a mallet. Mortise chisels (or “mortising chisels” or “mortice” chisels as they’re spelled in Britain) are used for “chopping” out mortise joints. $15.05 shipping. But this is one of those few models which is a good fit for both hardwood and softwood. Unfortunately, for instance, many of the British tools made are now poorly made and poorly finished. Looking for another that I like before I try and reshape the narex. The back was very very very slightly concave (less than 1/2 a thou) and it literally took a few strokes on a waterstones to get a polish on the end. There are other protective coats too. Are the Veritas PM-V11 chisels worth the money? i can aford them in small number and I love to use them because I know a guy from, for example, Ashley Iles (who have been mentioned here) ground them by hand. Of course there can be no guarantee that it is the same formula, but I’d bet a steak and a beer that it is. My set was horrible where the steel was concerned, handles were nice and very comfortable but that’s where the romance ended. Six strokes on the bevel side and it was ready. There are other specialty chisel, like Japanese chisels, carving chisels & gouges, wood turning chisels, fishtail chisels, dovetail chisels, etc. I have no idea on “how long” a time an edge should be sustainable, but I am sharpening my full tang Stanly’s that I do construction work with more often. Also, I have looked at the grind marks left in four British makers of supposedly higher end chisels and they are indeed worse than Asian imports including Aldi chisels. Thank you, Mr. Yeah, I don’t think you and I are that far apart in our thinking really. They have German details on them but not where they are made. Clearly they are not for hobbyists but how would you rate them for makers of fine furniture? Buying a 1/8-inch chisel is also really useful if you can find one for a decent price. The high standards of quality under which those tools were designed and produced gave Witherby Chisels a very high reputation among tool users. They are well made and owned by Thomas Flinn Co now. I think that they will make the company prosper and I will do what it takes to help. He makes blemish-free tools, unparalleled. Top-heavy plastic handle chisels can be a tad cumbersome to use. I have used four chisel sizes made for the Aldi food chain for over five years and found them to work as well as the best I own. Also, you can get them directly from Ashley Iles and they will either send them as shown, without handles or as they told me in an email with a tradional carvers style handle like the old marples and sorby. They can do more but it’s a good start. Witherby 1/4" & 3/8" Wood Carving Beveled Chisels, Tools, Lot of 2 C $43.44 I use them in my shop on a regular basis. I’m looking to invest in my first set of bench chisels and I’ve come across two sets by Footprint: 565 and 86 series. And if you can afford it, again I highly recommend finding some vintage Stanley 750 bevel-edge chisels. SOCKET CHISELS. I use to often find German chisels in … I’m sure Asian chisels are wonderful, but they aren’t as readily available here in the U.S. as western-style. Read more here. The edges are indeed too sharp. I almost feel cheated – where is the hours spent fettling to flatness. I work in oak and elm and I find I feel I spend too much time sharpening my tools instead of using them. VINTAGE T. H. WITHERBY 3/4" EDGE TANG CHISEL CARPENTER TOOL. Interestingly I have a few Lie Nielsen and Clifton planes and although I think they are truly brilliant I still had to work hard on the backs of the irons. I weep over Damascus Japanese varieties. Chisel handles usually break when they are struck with an unreasonable amount of force. The DIY enthusiast will also find them invaluable for dozens of jobs around the home and yard. Expect to pay $10-$20 per chisel. You guessed it: silver. $34.50. As good as those made in the Uk anyway, and it’s not everyone can afford high-end chisels right off the bat so that can at least get going. However, I would be surprised if owners of Thomas Flinn saws, Ashley Iles Chisels and generally, Clifton planes, (especially the later ones), amongst others, agree that these tools are poorly made and finished. I think you did pick a couple of higher-end makers to compare as examples of all British goods and that is not really as balanced as it would be with a wider cross section. $35.97 #46. I had to shape them a bit on the lathe, but you can do it with sandpaper. First choice Shaker Candle Stand, Berock black plane mug. Top notch! The sets currently on my bench are the Henry Taylors and Ashley Ilses from My favorite (and the toughest) chisels are traditional English “Pig Sticker” chisels. This brief buying guide is designed to help you save money and avoid the mistakes of buying the wrong woodworking chisels. I think that balance that you mention is what I was after by trying to make a case that there are still some very good British tool manufacturers around – and thanks for acknowledging that. They’re called bench chisels because they’re usually on your workbench, just like “bench planes”. If you need a starter chisel you can make the low cost ones work and they are good to practice on and with anyway. Also spelled “mortice chisel”, these chisels are used for heavy chopping of mortises. Thanks for your input. 22 inch( made in India?) how does everyone protect their chisels after sharpening? You can buy them on Amazon uk for a slightly higher price . Woodworking Chisel Handles: Wood or Plastic Handles? For chopping, I like cheap chisels with the handles bobbed-down. A few strokes on a waterstones and it was back to a razor. Please enter your email address. When shopping for them, look for beveled sides, not straight sides. (I am finding the type matter a bit small but then…, Paul. I just read in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” by Christopher Schwarz that they require diamond stones to sharpen. But Two Cherries sent me some chisels a couple years ago and I wasn’t impressed. I live in Orlando, Florida. The most common witherby chisel material is wood. Many chisels seem to be perfect for softwood, but not a good fit for hardwood. Both are very nicely made and carry the usual guarantees all chisels carry, even the cheaper ones. Any experience or opinions with Footprint chisels? It’s hard to go wrong buying an antique chisel, tang or socket style. Appreciate your time and sage advise. I keep hitting situations doing work around the house (more carpentry) were I want to pare something flush to a surface, but the handle is in the way and I cannot come from a different side.